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The Leader’s Edge: Unleashing Marketing Mastery with Sharvette Mitchell

Sharvette Mitchell is more than a business leader and marketing consultant; she’s THE PLATFORM BUILDER®. Her vision, ingenuity, and extensive 25-year background in corporate America at Capital One Bank, coupled with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University, have crystallized her reputation as a foremost authority in the marketing landscape.

Sharvette’s unique approach, encapsulated in her trademarked framework THE PLATFORM BUILDER®, has become a beacon for small businesses seeking to amplify their brand. By honing their visibility, marketing, and branding strategies, she has enabled numerous businesses to generate more revenue, achieve growth, and establish increased brand recognition.

Her one-on-one consulting, innovative group coaching programs, engaging speaking/training and live conferences/summits have been applauded for their effectiveness and creativity. As a marketing consultant, her insight into consumer behavior and online market trends has made her an indispensable asset for growing businesses aiming to elevate their brand presence in the competitive market.

Sharvette’s acclaim extends to being featured in prestigious publications such as Yahoo! FinanceAARPHuffington PostHOPE for Women MagazineCBNation. and Sista Sense Magazine, where her thoughts on marketing and branding are often sought. Her appearances on CBS 6 Monday MotivationCBS 6 Virginia This Morning, The CW Network, and Comcast Cable showcase her as a thought leader.

Her certifications as WOSB with the U.S. Small Business Administration and SWaM by the Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity demonstrate her commitment to inclusivity in the business landscape. Moreover, as an ICF Professional Certified Leadership Coach, Sharvette embodies a blend of coaching and influential leadership.

Since 2008, The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, with over 700 episodes, has been a platform for marketing insights, powerful conversations, and interviews, resonating with listeners and viewers across multiple audio and live-streaming platforms. Sharvette is a past recipient of the ACHI Magazine’s – Radio Personality of the Year Award.

A prolific author, Sharvette is behind five impactful book collaborations, including PROPEL, POUR, PURSUE, PEARLS, and Prepare for PURPOSE. These works further illustrate her passion for guiding others to pursue their dreams and document their transformational stories or intellectual property.

Her previous role on the Board of Directors of James River Writers and current volunteer role with International Christian Ministries, Inc. attests to her contributions to the community and her peers.

Whether guiding a small business to marketing success, delivering powerful training, or redefining a brand’s identity, Sharvette’s strategic mind and marketing expertise stand as a testament to what can be achieved with strategy, consistency, and leadership.


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