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True Serenity Tea creator Patty Callwood.

Patty Callwood, founder of True Serenity Tea (TST) Who is Patty Callwood? She loves drinking tea of course (Earl Gray is her favorite), loves helping others, is a christian, a wife and a mother. As summer heats up fans can watch Patty Callwood/True Serenity Tea on the “Patty Finds It For You” TV show, her episode will air on July 11th during Primetime on Spectrum (11 million Nationwide).

True Serenity Tea is making a positive impact in the media including but not limited to: The Oprah Magazine’s, “30 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers”, featured in a National Campaign with Meta/Facebook to help promote small businesses

Patty suffers from anxiety and in order to avoid taking prescription drugs she chooses to drink teas to help calm her along with meditation. She created True Serenity Tea to start a journey of drinking healthy and beneficial beverages and to share with the world that drinking tea is not just for the elite but for everyone.

Patty believes that if you are truly experiencing tea, it should be fun, serene and rewarding at the same time. Hence the name “True Serenity Tea”. Serenity is the tranquil balance of heart and mind. A little about their mission… The mission of True Serenity Tea is to provide high quality, innovative and delicious loose leaf teas and tisanes so one may enjoy a serene tea-moment anytime of the day. Happy, serene, satisfied customers are a top priority.

They take delight in assisting each customer every month in finding that state or quality of serenity in their own life. Their charitable work includes: The Red Cross, Feed the Children, Donating Teas to South Hamptons Animal Shelters Gala and North shore Hospital in Long Island, among others. What is True Serenity Tea? True Serenity Tea is a loose leaf tea subscription box that contains premium award winning loose leaf teas from around the world, tea blends and tea accessories shipped directly to your door every month. Everyone at TST takes pride in customer service and treats all of their subscribers as part of their family. They feel blessed and honored to be considered as one of the best tea subscription boxes since 2017.

In addition to the official website fans can also purchase the amazing tea brand in Amazon’s Subscription Boxes. ### FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Official website:


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