Real estate is a surefire way to wealth and purchasing property is Zambia is now made easier with Natasha Chiumya.

Natasha is a serial entrepreneur who has started and failed at many businesses. Fortunately, she has succeeded at three core businesses centered around property and real estate.  She is the founder and managing partner of Folotiya & Chiumya, one of the leading real estate law firms in Zambia. She is also the founder and director of Diaspora Connect, an online real estate agency that helps Zambians living abroad buy property back home in a safe and reliable way. She is a property developer, using her knowledge of the market to build and sell affordable apartments.

Beyond real estate, she has experience in corporate finance, project finance, syndicated lending and insolvency matters – for when things go belly up! Natasha holds a law degree from Warwick University in the UK and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business of UCT in South Africa.  She is a former Beit fellow and an award-winning lawyer/ a recipient of the Chief Justice Award and Stanbic Bank Anakazi Woman of the Year Award 2020 in the Justice category.


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