Janisha Bessiake

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Who is Janisha Bessiake? She doesn’t live for identity; she lives from identity. Struggling with low self-esteem, emotional childhood wounding, and fear. It was a combination of Janisha’s spiritual journey with Christ, coupled with mental health counseling, that allowed her to heal and live securely in her identity.

Experiencing her transformation, she felt called to now help insecure and wounded women heal and become secure in their own identity. This passion gave birth to her coaching agency Bessiake Coaching where she serves women as an Identity Coach. Helping to guide others through healing and living authentically through mental health tools and biblical principles. Through one one-on-one coaching, customized group coaching, and workshops.

I’m a continuation of her work. She is also the Author of INSECURE. Sharing with readers her journey of living insecure, while giving tools on how to overcome insecurities and live securely.

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