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Meghan shares stories that relate to being a stressed-out working mom and then having to shift to finding her joy and purpose. Tips on how to recenter that negative self-talk and focus on your dreams.

In 2019, Meghan Calhoun was on the brink of working mom burnout. A demanding cemetery sales quota, two toddlers, a drive for perfection, and an inability to ask for help were making her feel like she was one bad day away from a mental breakdown. It was this stress that forced Meghan to find a fast and effective way to cope (because ain’t nobody got time for that). That’s when she created the Power Up, a 10-minute daily practice of breathing, gratitude, and celebration, to cope with all the drama…from tearful daycare drop-offs to counseling families going through incredible grief and despair.

The cemetery job gave Meghan an ever-present reminder that life is short and it fueled Meghan’s career change in 2022 to a Mindset Mentor and Joyologist. Nowadays, Meghan’s mission is to help other working moms thrive in the mommy hamster wheel. She teaches women how to calm their nervous system, create awareness and intention, practice boundaries and cultivate a Shero mindset. Her contagious energy and love of wigs and whoopee cushions inspire moms to notice the little magics in life, to be present for moments with their children, and remember to overall, enjoy yourself.

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