Alga Ghebretensae

In this episode Alga shares what her journey to entrepreneurship was like in Atlanta and some challenges to keep going forward.

Originally from Eritrea. By the age of 10 Alga Ghebretensae had been to 3 different continents so she grew up everywhere but California is my first home in the US.

She spent her formidable years there; graduated high school, and attended and graduated from the University of California (at Davis). She moved to Atlanta in 2000 with $1K in her pocket. It was Atlanta or Bust! Within a week of the move, she got a corporate job, within a year she bought a house, and within 4 years, she was a landlord. Even though she had a good job; she knew early on that working 9-5 was not the right fit for her. And after almost 5 years in corporate, she got my Real Estate license and became a Real Estate Agent. She had a great mentor and real estate has opened doors for her and it had given her what she truly values in life: FREEDOM.